Birth Empowerment Through Photography and Videography

Birth Empowerment Through Photography and Videography ​

Birth Empowerment Through Photography and Videography ​

My Mission

Documenting Doula is all about combining my love for photography and film making with my passion for changing the narrative around birth.

Documenting birth is more than just preserving memories; it’s about reshaping the way we view and understand this incredible journey. By showcasing the beauty, strength, and resilience of childbirth, we can change societal perceptions, inspire confidence, and promote a healthier, more empowering birthing experience for all. It’s time to celebrate the authentic, transformative, and awe-inspiring nature of birth and ensure that every person embarking on this journey does so with a sense of wonder and possibility.

About Me

Hey there, I'm Erin.

An adventurer at heart, I’m an Englewood, Colorado based photographer and filmmaker with roots tracing back to Toronto, Canada. You’re likely to spot me with my camera nearby, capturing life’s moments both big and small. 

Beyond my passion for photography and filmmaking, which I honed during my studies at Sheridan College and my certification as a birth photographer, I have a wide range of interests. I freelance in graphic design, find peace in hula hooping, and cherish the serenity of nature hikes. I’m a student of herbalism, a yoga enthusiast and a culinary explorer. 

While I’m mostly a homebody now, I’ve roamed far and wide in my photography adventures. From the vibrant scenes of festival photography, including the dust tornados of Burning Man to the icy wonderland of Antarctica, my lens has captured diverse worlds. But there was a pivotal moment that shifted my focus and ignited a new passion within me. It was the day I had the privilege of filming my nephew’s birth. Witnessing the profound beauty and raw emotion of that moment transformed me. I realized that documenting birth was my calling—a way to capture the most intimate and life-changing moments in people’s lives. 

Experiencing birth is a profound privilege, where each heartbeat, each breath, and each emotion is a part of an incredible story that leaves an indelible mark on my heart. It’s a journey of love, courage and new beginnings, and I am deeply honored to be the storyteller, preserving these beautiful moments that connect families for a lifetime. Your unique story is waiting to be told, and I can’t wait to tell it with all the creativity and heart it deserves.


My Work


As a doula, I possess the unique ability to anticipate your needs, a skill that extends seamlessly into my photography and videography services. This intuitive understanding allows me to not only provide unwavering support but also capture the genuine emotions and physical essence of childbirth with precision and sensitivity. 

Capture the radiant glow of your pregnancy with our maternity session, where every moment is a celebration of new life.  From showcasing your blooming belly to the anticipation of meeting your little one, we’ll preserve the magic of this chapter in your journey.

Experience the joy of documenting your maternity experience with us, as we create timeless memories that you’ll treasure forever.

I’ve designed this package to offer truly full documentary coverage and doula support for your maternity experience, birth journey and postpartum life  providing you with a treasure trove of precious memories and support that will last generations. Here’s what makes my offering truly exceptional:

1. Documenting your baby preparations: To kickstart this remarkable journey, we begin with a personalized prenatal meeting in the comfort of your own home. During this meeting, we can focus on helping you feel prepared for labor and birth. We’ll also review various comfort measures and begin documenting this special time with photos and videos, helping you feel confident and prepared for the big day. 

2. Birth Day Coverage: I’ll be there throughout your active labor and delivery, capturing every significant moment. I’ll document and support you through your courageous birth journey. There to preserve the authenticity of the moment, ensuring that the emotions and connections are retained in their purest form. Behind my camera documenting the beauty of life as it unfolds. 

3. Precious Moments with Your Newborn and Cherished Time with Loved Ones: In the immediate hours following delivery, I continue to document those precious moments as you and your newborn bond. This also includes the invaluable time your baby spends seeing and touching their father or other loved ones for the first time. From the first skin-to-skin contact to those tiny fingers and toes, every detail is lovingly captured as your family comes together to embrace this beautiful new chapter in life.

4. Personalized Viewing Session and Documentation: Around two weeks after the birth we meet for the postpartum visit. During this session, you’ll show you your images and the birth video completed so far. Looking at the birth photos and videos that can be a tremendous source of comfort and healing during the postpartum period. These visual memories serve as a powerful reminder of your incredible strength and the love that surrounded you during this special time. They can provide solace, helping you process the experience and cherish the beauty of those first moments with your newborn.

My Full Documentary Doula Package stands apart from other birth photography and videography offerings available. It guarantees the creation of a meticulously crafted chronicle of this remarkable chapter in your life, reflecting the emotions, love, and excitement of your journey for eternity. 

This package is dedicated solely to capturing your birth experience.
I’ll document all of your birth story, from the active labor to the poignant moment of birth and the precious moments that follow. I will skillfully preserve the genuine emotions and physical essence of childbirth through professionally edited photos and videos, ensuring that every moment can be relived and cherished. You can expect a swift delivery of images and video within 3 weeks of the birth, but you’ll get a few announcement photos within 24 hours. I’ll ensures that your birth story is preserved as lasting memories to treasure for a lifetime.

This session, held at your place of birth, focuses on the fresh details within 48 hours of your baby’s arrival, including their crinkly skin, first yawns, initial feedings, and those heartwarming moments as you tenderly bond with your new baby. I’ll also document the interactions with family and friends as they meet your baby for the first time, encapsulating their joy and love. Along with unlimited high-resolution images, you will also a film, available for download and sharing—a perfect way to remember these fleeting early days. With swift delivery and announcement photos within 24 hours, this package ensures lasting memories in an authentic, natural way.

“Birth matters. It matters because it is the way we all begin our lives outside the source, our mother’s bodies… For each mother, it is an event that shakes and shapes her to the innermost core.” - Ina May Gaskin

How it works

Let's Begin your Journey


Here you are, having explored a little bit of my website, my art and glimpsed my passion and commitment to documenting birth. The next exciting step is for us to get to know each other! Book a time to chat with me or if email is better for you shoot me a message here. 


Now we’ve connected and picked what package you’d like the process is wonderfully straightforward. I’ll be sending you the retainer invoice and contract, all conveniently handled online to keep things easy and efficient allowing me to reserve your birth date on my calendar. 


If you’ve gone for my Full Documentary Doula Package, we’re in for a treat! We’ll meet up for a documentary-style maternity shoot right at your place during your prenatal doula meeting. While we chat about your birth plan and all those comfy measures, I’ll be quietly documenting the raw excitement that makes this chapter so special. It’s a cool mix of planning and laid-back documentary-style filming and photography that captures the awesome start of your parenthood journey.


Once you hit 37, we’ll have a chat about how to keep me in the loop about your labor. It’s also the time when the final payment is due because that’s when my all-in commitment kicks in – I’ll be on call round the clock and hanging out nearby until your little one decides to make their debut!


When active labor gets going, I’ll be right there, ready to jump into action when you say the word. I can’t wait to capture every moment of your active labor, the birth itself, and those precious hours immediately after delivery. It’s going to be an incredible journey!


Within 48 hours of the birth if I attened it you can expect to recieve some announcment photos through a private password proteted gallery. If you’ve chosen the Fresh 48 New born session I’ll be there documenting the unique details of your precious newborn baby, and those heartwarming moments when your baby bonds with you. I’ll also document the interactions with family and friends as they meet your baby for the first time, encapsulating their joy and love if they are there. 


With our Full Documentary Doula Package, around two weeks after your little one makes their grand entrance, we’ll get together for a postpartum visit. During this time together, we’ll dive into your birth journey. Checking out the snapshots and videos I’ve captured will bring you back. It’s all about embracing your strength, basking in the love that filled those moments, and relishing those beautiful first baby times!


Your timeless photos and videos will come to you through a secure online gallery, all locked up with a secret password. You’ll snag some announcement pics within just 24 hours of the shoot. Then, the rest of the magic, including the video, within 3 weeks. You’ve got a cool three months to download up all those photos and the video. And hey, about preserving these treasures, we’ll chat about heirloom albums and making some incredible prints.

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